What is FLUX?

Flux is our award-winning platform upon which a lot of our integrations are built.


Geneva Migration

Use our Migration Manager tool to quickly spot differences during your Geneva migration.


Easier Reporting

Tired of using the standard option? Enable your users to generate Geneva reports with a simple interface. 


Salesforce Integration

Need to sync your Salesforce data with Geneva? Use our interface to accomplish that. 


No Software To Install

Our platform can run in the cloud or be installed on-premises. Same price, your choice. 


Generate Client Statements

Wished you had a tool to generate client statements from Geneva? Flux to the rescue. Our tool will generate nicely formatted client statements with PDF that can be sent through email or published on your client’s portal.


Need Workflow?

Use our platform to create and run workflows that will suit all of your operational needs. Our workflows follow the BPMN standards and come with four-eye approval and audit capabilities. 

What Can I do with FLUX?

Geneva Migration

Flux allows you to run any number of standard/custom reports across many portfolios against different Geneva instances and displays the differences. With this solution, you can only focus on resolving the differences and not have to worry about running different reports and saving them to Excel for further comparison. With the Geneva Migration module, you can also export the results or the source files. It also comes with four-eye approval so that every run can then be submitted and approved by a manager.

Difference Generator

From within Flux, you can also compare any CSV or XML file and it will display the differences. You no longer need a third-party tool to do that. You are provided with a simple interface to perform all of your comparisons.

Portfolio Comparison

Portfolio Comparison allows you to compare the results of a report run across different portfolios.

Batch Reporting

With Batch Reporting, you can not only set up your reports to run in batch mode, but you can also have the output served into either an FTP site for your broker or emailed to a recipient. This tool is flexible enough so that within your batch, you can have an unlimited number of reports, unlimited number of portfolios across any number of parameters.

Geneva Reporting

This is a simple interface that removes the complexity of running a Geneva report. You are provided with an interface where you specify the portfolio(s), start date, end date, and consolidation type and then GO. An administrator can default certain parameter values and can even make them invisible. The results are displayed right in your browser of choice.

BPMN Workflows

This utility allows you to create BPMN-compliant workflows using the Activitii engine. It does create executable workflows. Use this utility to automate all of your workflows. For example, you could create an end-of-month workflow where the whole process is automated. This will help you close your accounting period a lot faster but also provide an audit of all the tasks, which subsequently will allow you to identify bottlenecks in your process.

Salesforce Integration

Are you using Salesforce? If so, with Flux, you can automate the sync process between Salesforce and Geneva. You can have a process that automatically update Salesforce with Geneva data or you can have a process that automatically update Geneva with Salesforce data. On top of that, all Salesforce accounts and contacts are synchronized with the Flux CRM.

Client Statements

Are you generating client statements at the end of each month? If so, you can use Flux to automatically create and generate client statements from Geneva reports. Your client statements can include a table of contents, cover letter, or additional documents. The output will be nicely formatted client statements that can be encrypted and downloaded or emailed to your clients.

Bloomberg/IDC workflows

With Flux, we offer a connection from Bloomberg or IDC to allow you to get any data points from your security vendor into Geneva.


Don’t have a CRM? If so, you can use the simple Flux CRM, which allows you to store all of your accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunity.

CRM Workflows

Flux CRM comes with some workflow features such as creating new records, updating fields, or send emails based on fields in the CRM.

Request A Demo

Curious to see what Flux can do for you? Request a demo now and our team will be in touch with you to schedule a demo.

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