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Integrate Salesforce with Geneva

A couple of months ago, a client approached me to ask me if I knew of any Salesforce integration with Geneva. To my knowledge, I didn't know of any. There are currently a lot of solutions out there for Wealth Managers such as SS&C...

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Execute your Geneva Accelerator outside of Geneva

As we all know, Advent Geneva Workflow Manager is a powerful integration tool that allows you to load data into Geneva. You can use an accelerator to load Bloomberg or IDC data into Geneva. Or you can even use it to load any type of data by...

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Closing your Accounting Period in Geneva

So it's the end of the month or the quarter and you're ready to close the books. If you're using Geneva, you have plenty of tools to do that. Geneva gives you the ability to generate period-end reports, download period-end prices, etc......

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